Residential Boarding Program

The American School of Bangkok Boarding School (Dormitory) is located at the Green Valley Campus. The dormitory offers modern, comfortable accommodations with cable TV, a recreation room, Internet access and qualified dorm parents who monitor students’ day to day dormitory life, including academic support and counseling. There is a full time nurse who resides in the dormitory.

Recently construction was completed on a brand new dormitory, and our students were able to move in. The original dormitory will be completely renovated and be ready for students when school starts in August. There will be separate dormitories for boys and girls.

The ASB boarding school program provides cultural diversity which adds to the uniqueness of the boarding experience and helps the student appreciate the world that exists beyond his or her own neighborhood. Boarders receive academic support in the form of teachers who are available during the dorms 2 study halls at 2:30pm, and 5:30pm. Dorm students can also enjoy an extensive weekend activities program which is tailored for different age groups. During the weekends, boarders may participate in sports, cooking activities, or use their time to pursue a favorite hobby,  or visit a local shopping mall.

The ASB boarding school program is indeed “a home away from home”. The ASB boarding program is available at an additional cost for children aged 6 and over.