The American School of Bangkok uniform consists of the following:

Nursery and Kindergarten uniforms

  • Dresses for girls.

  • Shirts and shorts for boys.

  • PE Kits (T-shirts and gray shorts)

Elementary school uniforms                

  • Polo shirts and skirts for girls

  • Polo shirts and shorts for boys.

Middle school  / High school uniforms             

  • Polo shirts and skirts for girls; the skirt shall be no shorter than 5 cm. above the center of the kneecap.

  • Polo shirts and trousers for boys.

PE uniforms  

  • These outfits and proper athletic footwear should be worn during PE and swimming hours only.

  • It is a requirement for all students to wear PE uniforms (T-shirts and gray shorts) for physical education classes.

  • Students should change to their regular school uniforms after the PE or swimming session.

Students are required to wear ASB uniforms, white socks, ankle-length or mid-calf socks, and appropriate shoes or sneakers. For your child’s safety, slippers, flip flops, and sandals are unacceptable.

School and PE uniforms are available in different sizes for purchase at the school’s uniform shop.