Student Health Services

Should an emergency arise, transportation to a hospital is readily available.  Parents will be notified immediately about student health matters.

School personnel are not allowed to prescribe medication for students, and they may only administer medicines prescribed by a physician if the students bring a signed note from parents with the name of the medication and dosage. The school nurse may only give Paracetamol for minor headaches and to reduce fever while a student is waiting to be picked up.

We strongly recommend that if your child is sick with, but not limited to, the flu, a fever, excessive cough or other such illness, that you keep him or her at home on that day, and contact the school so that they are aware of the absence.

If a child is diagnosed by the nurse with a communicable disease such as Hand Foot Mouth, Influenza, or head lice, parents will be contacted immediately and the student will be required to stay at home until he or she is fully recovered.  A medical certificate will be required in order for the student to return to school.