The American School of Bangkok's Sukhumvit Campus Leadership Team comprises of the Founder and Chairman, the Directors, the Principal, the Assistant Principals, the Academic and Guidance Counselor, the Curriculum Coordinators, the Head of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities, the Head of School Affairs and Communication, and the Head of Admissions.

ASB Sukhumvit Campus Leadership Team 2020-21

The key administrators at ASB Sukhumvit Campus include:

  • Mrs. Lakhana Didyasarin, Founder and Chairman (both campuses)
  • Ms. Pam Lita Tavedikul and Ms. Patcharalak (Lady) Didyasarin Tavedikul, Directors of ASB Sukhumvit Campus
  • Mr. Robert (Bob) Jackson, Principal
  • Dr. Jenny Sabin, Assistant Principal for Academics
  • Mr. Dan Haley, Assistant Principal for Student and Parent Affairs
  • Ms. Mary Elise Grassmuck, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Ms. Ilona Kende, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Ms. Meca Fanega, Academic Guidance and College Counselor
  • Mr. James Hanham, Head of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities
  • Ms. Veena Narula, Head of School Affairs and Communications
  • Mr. Patrick Maher, Head of Admissions

Click here for message by ASB Sukhumvit Principal, Mr. Robert Albert Jackson

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