Capstone Program

ASB’s elite students stand on the threshold of a unique opportunity. On Feb. 4, 2015 College Board offered an opportunity to participate in the highly competitive, invitation-only Capstone program. In the aftermath of that invitation ASB is ready to launch the initiative. Students, who successfully complete the program which requires passing five or more AP classes, receive a Capstone Diploma.

ASB joins 135 international schools designated to offer the rigorous research-based program. It is currently the only school Thailand to offer the program.

In the words Advanced Placement sends to students, “AP Capstone in an innovative diploma program that helps you stand out in the college admissions process by developing the critical skills needed to succeed in college and life.”

Capstone is a two-year program that requires students to engage in research projects alone and in teams of three to six people. The first class is Seminar where as AP writes, “Students engage in conversations about complex academic and real-world issues through a variety of lenses, considering multiple points of view.”

AP suggests eight such lenses including cultural and social, artistic and philosophical, environmental and economic. Students then study their topics through five “Big Ideas” that lead to an “enduring under-standing” of “essential knowledge.”

In Seminar student teams examine a real-world dilemma with individual students contributing specialized knowledge gained from AP classes. In addition, individual Seminar students are asked to research and write 2,000 words about a topic that AP provides. Finally Seminar students are given a written exam in May that assesses their analytical abilities.  

The second year of the program is the Research class which culminates with a 5,000 words thesis which must be defended in front of a panel of academics and experts in the given field.  

ASB plans to offer Seminar in 2016 - 2017 to well-qualified sophomores and juniors at both campuses. Parents have been invited to a meeting to learn about the logistics and classes for the cohorts. The Research class will be offered the next year. ASB staff will be trained in stateside workshops beginning the summer of 2016.

For additional information, please contact the guidance counselor.