High School Course Offerings & Credit Requirements

The American School of Bangkok’s 4-year rigorous high school program enables students to acquire the foundational skills and the basic requirements needed for graduation. Some of the academic courses offered at ASB include language arts, social studies, science (general science, biology, chemistry, and physics), math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics), US History, Asian studies, world geography, economics, and psychology. Electives include American literature, British literature, creative writing, journalism, foreign language (French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and Thai), computer science, music, art and drama.

Our curriculum is based on current learning research and is designed to help students to become informed citizens, self-motivated thinkers, and competent presenters of their knowledge and discoveries. Students are encouraged to read, write, research, conduct experiments, and create visual projects. The mentors for these programs are licensed professionals, specifically trained in their field of knowledge.

The four years of high school are crucial years for our students as they are expected to meet the challenges of a strong academic program that prepares them in applying for the most prestigious universities in the world. Again, many opportunities await the students. Leadership experiences, community service involvement, sports, the arts, and Advanced Placement (AP) programs continually challenge our students to successfully further their academic careers beyond high school.