Integration of Technology in Education

The American School of Bangkok utilizes a popular administrative software ‘FOCUS’ to process school information and student database and ‘Grade Quick’ to retrieve student assessment scores in different subject areas to generate progress reports. The ASB library also subscribes to EBSCO, which allows our community members access to an online database of thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers.

ASB elementary teachers utilize interactive whiteboards to produce multi-dimensional learning experiences that accommodate all the preferred learning styles of students. These interactive whiteboards are solid-state, impact-resistant whiteboards with the latest advances in digital electromagnetic sensing technology. Images from a computer are projected on to the interactive whiteboard turning it into a very large computer screen. The screen can be used to display computer software, web pages, CD ROMs and videos from a variety of sources. Students can point or click on icons on the board, using their finger or an appropriate ‘stylus pen’, the action which transmits to the computer. The spectrum of learning resources and activities that the interactive whiteboard, projects, make the experience of learning more enjoyable for students.

Middle and high school teachers continuously encourage ASB students to bring in their personal electronic gadgets (such as I pads, computer notebooks) for their daily research and other work.

ASB teachers are also pro-active in ensuring that student learning is on a continuous basis. ASB utilizes Google Apps for Education. ASB teachers and students have designated email accounts. Class websites are established. Students can access class work and assignments from school and home. Students also update their work on e-portfolios platforms using Google Apps for Education

The American School of Bangkok also uses SMS, email services, and other media to publicize school events and remind parents of attendance at important.