Learning Support

The Learning Support Department believes that every child is unique and has the capacity to learn when given the right support. The aim of the department is to provide a supportive pillar for students and teachers from Grades K-12 to enhance learning.  

Our Objectives

  • To identify any student who may have a learning need or perform beyond grade level expectations as soon as possible

  • To ensure that all the stakeholders (teachers, parents, administrators, or any other school members) are aware of the student’s learning needs. Such students are, therefore, a whole school responsibility.

  • To keep record of pertinent information, including students’ learning goals, interventions, and outcomes.

  • To promote self-awareness for all students, helping them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses

  • To promote self-advocacy for all students, especially older students, by involving them in the decision making about their learning goals and intervention.

  • To collaborate and support all school members so that they will be able to meet the students’ learning needs.

  • To collaborate with the students’ parents at all times.

Services provided by Learning Support Department are designed to help with learning needs. They may include the following:

Student profile

  • General information

  • Behavioral and academic records

  • Teachers’ conferences/meetings/

  • List of strategies

Screening/Early Intervention

  • Analysis of MAP data as a screening tool

  • Early academic intervention ( Grades 1-3)

  • Academic/cognitive interventions


  • Classroom observation

  • Learning style assessment

  • Assessment

  • Refer for external assessment

Parental support

  • Home support strategies

  • PTA meeting when/if needed

Enrichment/Accelerated Learners Program

  • In-class support

  • Games/Activities for Enrichment

  • After-school paid program

Resource Room/In-class Support

  • Study Skills

  • Remediation/Intervention

  • Enrichment

Student Support

  • Accommodation Plans

  • Individualized  Learning Goals for Students

  • Activities that Meet Students’ Interest

  • Booster/Homework Clubs/Cluster Days

  • Specialized programs for specific learning needs

Teacher Support

  • Overview of LS and SST Framework

  • In-class support

  • Differentiated techniques/accommodations

  • Resources

  • Staff/Department Meetings