Annual Girls' Night (February 22, 2019)

The American School of Bangkok Sukhumvit Campus Middle School students and teachers celebrated their annual Girls’ Night on Friday, February 22nd 2019 with an array of fun and engaging activities, an amazing cooking class with 'The Banana Warrior', and great food. Seven girls from high school also volunteered in organizing and facilitating team games like “Human Knot” and Scavenger Hunt. The auditorium was divided into different areas, and the girls were able to enjoy activities like Nail Art (Nail Station), painting and jewelry-making (Art Station), Yoga with Ms. Jessica, dance with Ms. Bonny, and board games. The cooking class was presented by The Banana Warrior, and she taught the girls how to make date & peanut butter truffles.

The ASB Girls’ Night has become an important school tradition because it empowers our middle school students to adhere to their goals and reframe positive self-identities despite existing pressure.