ASB Sukhumvit Parent Advisory Committee Meeting (February 3, 2022)

The Third ASB Parent Advisory Committee (ASB-SK PAC) meeting for this academic year was held on Thursday, February 3rd, 2022. Attendees included: Mrs. Patamaporn Bekanan, Mr. Vinit Pathela, Mrs. Vipapond Benza, Mr. Raymond Au-Yeung, Mrs. Lilya Yakupova, and Mrs. Saruda Kang.

Attendees were provided with updates about the recent academic development, a summary of school events and after-school offers, the results of the stakeholders’ surveys, and the continuous work for school accreditation.

The attendees also received the opportunity to tour ASB’s amazing new sports facility, see the construction in progress, and get a glimpse of this exciting development to the school.

The American School of Bangkok expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone for their attendance to the meeting, and for their support for the continuity of student learning.  Over the school year the ASB-SK PAC will meet again, and committee members will work closely with the School Leadership Team to provide input, serve as a liaison between families and the school to promote campus safety and student wellbeing, participate in school community activities, and help build community spirit within the school.