Middle School Service Learning Actvities – Supporting the Mercy Centre

The Gift of Giving By: Barbara Kalis

Plush pink bunnies, tough Tyrannosaurus Rexes, remote control cars, and beautiful princess barbies were the most popular gift choices of the children at the Mercy Centre preschool. All these wishes and more came true when the ASB Sukhumvit Campus Middle School Volunteers delivered colorfully wrapped Christmas gifts to 80 delighted children between the ages of three and five.

AB Sukhumvit Campus Middle School service volunteers in homerooms 6B and 7A successfully orchestrated this charity drive. A Christmas tree in the foyer of the ASB Administration building was decorated with brightly colored cards listing each child’s wish. The generous ASB community delivered colorfully wrapped gifts under the tree. Special appreciation goes to the HS design students who donated the proceeds of their art auction to purchase many gifts for the children.

Before Christmas, the ASB Middle School volunteers visited the preschool to collect one wish for a special toy from each child. Initial shyness from both the Middle Schoolers and the preschoolers fell away as they raced around their circle games, danced and sang. Gales of laughter and excited shrieks rang out from all corners of the school.

The morning ended with a tour of the Mercy Centre facility designed by Father Joe to support 22 preschools, 5 orphanages, and an HIV home hospice program to bring hope this impoverished neighborhood. Please donate any used clothing and toys still in good shape to the current Mercy Center giving project. Collection boxes will be placed around the school. More information about the Mercy Centre can be found at: <https://www.mercycentre.org/en/home/contact-us&gt;