Reading Month Activities 2020

In celebration of the upcoming International Reading Month, our school librarians and teachers have organized many activities in March to celebrate the occasion, and to encourage our students to love and continue to read. The overall arching theme is ‘One World, Many Stories’ - Celebrating our Diversity. Throughout the month of March, the focus will be on our uniqueness through literature.

On Monday, March 2nd, 2020, the celebrations kicked off with a special parade by elementary students. Many students wore their national dress to school and paraded through the classrooms and around the campus holding a variety of books from different countries. The parade culminated with a group photo in front of the steps of the L Building.

Other activities scheduled through the month include a book fair, the designing of a giant heart with book flags, a book bento contest, read- around-the-world book report and presentation in classrooms, a storyteller’s visit, and a bookmark design contest.   

Happy Reading Month!