Science Fair 2021 (Recap)

Due to virtual learning, ASB made changes to the requirements and schedule for the 2021 ASB Science Fair. The fair which was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 was presented as an ASB Science Film Showcase in May. Students who wished to participate in this showcase sent in a 2-3 minute video of them presenting their project. All submissions were then featured in the ASB Science Fair Film, and judged by a panel of experts. 

The first, second and third place winners were selected from elementary school, middle school, and high school. The winners’ names were announced to the ASB community and students received certificates and medals for their achievement. Teacher choice awards were also given out to students by homeroom and / or science classes, and all students who submitted a video received a participation certificate.

Heartiest congratulations to all winners! And warmest gratitude are extended to the 2021 ASB Science Fair Judging Panel, made up of parents and teachers within the ASB community, who used their expertise to enthusiastically score and provide feedback for students on their science projects. Thank you for your kindness and support for the school’s program!