Science Inquiry Conferences 2016

The ASB Science Inquiry Conferences were held on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 at ASB Sukhumvit Campus.  These conferences modeled the actual scientific practice done by scientists who come together with their peers and present their research in an international conference setting. All student scientists were involved as “active scientific colleagues” questioning each other’s research, methods and data. The inquiry conference supported current research for best practices in science education because it reflected the nature of science and scientific study. ASB's Expected School-wide Learning Results (Effective Communicators, Independent Learners, Critical Thinkers, and Global Citizens) were all represented in the various phases of the students’ activities during the science inquiry conferences. 

There were many interesting projects on display. Students researched on a scientific topic of interest to them, and shared their creations and discoveries with the entire campus. The conference provided an excellent opportunity for students to use the scientific method in order to develop an understanding of controls and variables; take an open and creative approach to problem solving; sharpen their writing skills; gain skills in research; learn that a successful outcome is based not on personal opinion but on scientific fact; develop time management skills; and develop public speaking skills as they presented projects to their classmates and members of the ASB community. It was a great learning experience!