The World Clean Up Day (September 21, 2019)

On September 21st, 2019, the ASB community (students, parents, teachers, and staff) joined forces with Trash Hero Bangkok and many other volunteers to participate in World Cleanup Day. Volunteers collected and segregated plastics, bottles, and other waste materials around Taco Lake and May Market in Bangplee area.

World Cleanup Day is a global action program aimed at combating the global waste problem. It’s also a day of coming together to collaborate on eliminating waste and managing trash to bring forth a cleaner planet.

Trash Hero Bangkok is a non-profit, volunteer-led movement geared towards cleaning up and educating communities all over the world.

169 countries joined #WorldCleanupDay - that’s around 14,570,841 people around the globe.

Thank you, Trash Hero Bangkok. Thank you, ASB Students on the Go. Thank you, Ms. Megan Litzinger.