Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many years has the school been established?

  • It was established in 1983 (38 years ago).

  1. How many students are presently enrolled?

  • At present we have over 800 students at both campuses.

  1. What are the students' nationalities?

  • ASB constitutes of 40 student nationalities. Some of these include: American, Australian, Belgian, British, Canadian, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, Dutch, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Pakistani, Singaporean, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Thai.

  1. What percentages of students are Thai?

  • 20% are Thai

  1. What are the teacher's nationalities?

  • American, British, Canadian, Australian, French, Russian, Chinese, Filipino, Taiwanese, and Thai
  1. What standard does the school follow?

  • American standard of education (American curriculum).

  1. Does the Ministry of Education of Thailand license the school?

  • Yes.

  1. Is the school accredited by educational organizations in the USA?

  • ASB is accredited by the Western Associations of Schools and Collages (WASC). ASB is also member of the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) and the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT).

  1. Are credit recovery courses available for high school students during the summer school session?

  • Yes, some courses are offered during the summer time.

  1. Does the school prepare the students in taking the Scholastic Assessment Test?

  • Yes, ASB does prepare the students for the SAT by providing them special classes.

  1. How many students are there in one class?

  • There are between 15-20 students per class.
  1. What food is available in the canteen?

  • The food served includes Thai and International food; vegetarian food and halal options are also available.
  1.   Where do the students continue their education after they graduate from High School?

  • Top Universities in the USA, Japan, Korean, Canada, New Zealand, & Australia  (the name of some of these universities are University of California,  New York University, University of Sydney, University of Japan, University of Korea)

  • Selected Universities (International Sections) in Thailand such as Thammasat  University, Chulalongkorn University, Assumption University (ABAC) and Mahidol University.

  1. Do you provide boarding facilities?

  • Yes, boarding facilities are available at the Green Valley campus. Dorm parents are on duty for supervision and assistance to students in homework and other areas.   

  1.  Are uniforms and the school bus included in the tuition fee?

  • No, they are paid for separately. An air-conditioned bus service is provided at extra cost, based on the distance.

  1.  Would there be a problem if a student from a Thai school enrolled?

  • There should not be a problem, because our teachers are professionals, and they give special attention to students who need assistance. We have an ELL class and a specialist teacher, who is responsible for teaching students who have very little knowledge of the English language.