Why ASB?

  1. ASB has been established for over 38 years.ASB_SK_Brochures_Cover

  2. ASB is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education, fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and duly recognized by the East Asia Regional Committee of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) and the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT).

  3. ASB has two beautiful, modern campuses with state-of-art facilities and well-equipped, comfortable classrooms offering a variety of high-tech and educational facilities.

  4. Learn from ASB’s American, Canadian, and UK certified faculty members who are “committed to bring out the best in your child”.

  5. ASB offers a multi-cultural environment with over 40 student nationalities.

  6. Take advantage of small class sizes.

  7. ASB offers an American education with an international perspective.

  8. ASB embraces all facets of technology into education. Technology is heavily integrated into all courses. ASB provides students with research and self learning centers for full on-line access to research resources, learning tools and support.

  9. ASB offers a rigorous academic program with emphasis in core subject areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.

  10. ASB offers a diverse choice of electives such as entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, computers and technology, global issues, creative writing and public speaking, foreign languages, art, P.E, music, and drama.

  11. ASB encourages students to participate in many extra-curricular activities including United Nations related conferences.

  12. ASB puts your child on the path to becoming adaptable, resilient leaders and mindful, global citizens who are effective communicators, independent and collaborative learners, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, and technological innovators.

  13. ASB offers AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Students who take these courses can receive university credit in universities around the world.

  14. ASB provides a solid academic foundation with well-balanced activities that leads to the mastery of learning skills.

  15. ASB provides a university preparation program for high school students taking the SAT and iBT TOEFL tests, which are assessments needed for college / university application.

  16. ASB hosts at least two international college/university fairs annually, as well as hosting many university representatives throughout the year. This provides high school students and parents with the best possible choices for tertiary education.

  17. ASB offers a wide range of sport activities and facilities for students of all ages.

  18. ASB encourages students to participate in a vast selection of after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities to enhance expressiveness and creativity.

  19. ASB encourages students to participate in school-organized combined campus overnight team building field trips.

  20. ASB offers ELL support for non-native speakers.

  21. ASB provides students the opportunity to be part of a city-wide international charitable fun-fair known as the Sukhumvit / Bangna Family Fair.

  22. ASB provides distinct boarding facilities: “Experience the only American international boarding school in Bangkok”.

  23. ASB graduates are found in well -known colleges and universities around the world. They have pursued studies in faculties such as business administration, marketing, public relations, education, science, aero-space engineering, liberal arts and medicine. Many of our graduates have received scholarships in their fields of study.

  24. ASB practices Mindfulness in  Education and teaches students techniques that help them to learn, and retain information better.

  25. The motto of the ASB is “The School of Leaders”. Our utmost goal is to create distinguished scholars who are innovative, independent, charismatic, confident, creative, responsible, effectual and visionary leaders.

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