ASB Middle School Students Visit the Mercy Centre (February 14, 2020)

In November, the ASB Sukhumvit Campus Middle school students collected 76 wishes from the children at Flat 17, a Mercy Centre preschool. With the help of ASB parents, teachers and staff, we were able to grant these 76 wishes through our Middle School Gift-Giving Project.

Many children are lucky enough to live in a stable, comfortable home, and be well-provided for. Unfortunately, it is not the same for everyone. This is one of the many reasons why volunteering and community service are essential parts of learning at ASB. Reaching out to those who are less fortunate is a necessary exposure that allows our students to develop a sense of generosity and empathy, and it teaches them to appreciate what they have and the people around them.

Special thanks go to Ms. Pam Lita Tavedikul, Director of ASB SK Campus, for always supporting the school’s charity programs, to Ms. Barbara Kalis, for organizing this event, and to Mr. Dan Haley, Ms. Veena Narula, Mr. Nick Skirrow, Ms. Tamila Delubiar, Ms. Tiwaporn Ruangsang, and Ms. Patcha Puthasri for facilitating the students.

Mercy Centre is a 40-year-old foundation that helps communities by building schools, improving family health and welfare, protecting street children’s rights, and giving shelter to orphans. For donations, education sponsorships and outreach initiatives, please visit  or send your enquiries to