Drawing Projects in the High School Art Classes

The ASB Sukhumvit Campus high school and middle school art students have been busy working on various drawing projects.

  • Value Drawing Project: Using 4B pencils, students drew from a still life. They had to focus on the light and shadow and try to replicate what they see. The second drawing assignment was a subtractive drawing technique. This process involves using charcoal and an eraser; the student’s first cover their paper entirely with the charcoal, and then use the eraser to rub out areas to create the illusion of light and shadow.
  • Self-identity Project: Students took a self-portrait photo, and then created a self-identity project with a variety of images that represent them. They can be either drawn or printed out.
  • Watercolor bookmarks: The middle school students created a watercolor painting influenced by bookmarks. Each student imagined their own scene, either night or day, and painted it on a rectangular piece of paper. They turned out beautiful!
  • Beyond the border: This was a fun project that focused on color and black and white shading. The goal of the project was to color everything that is within the rectangle in the center of the page; everything outside of the rectangle is done in black and white.

Drawing Art Projects