Virtual ASB Open House (September 2, 2021)

The Virtual ASB Open House was organized on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021. The parent turnout for the day was excellent and it was a great pleasure to meet all of them. Families had the opportunity to be part of their child(ren)’s learning experiences by following their child(ren)’s regular schedule and visiting any classes that he / she had on the day.  Parents got to meet their child(ren)’s homeroom teachers, and then ASB administrators at the school general information session. And finally, at the end of the school day, parents also attended special workshops organized by the school relating to effective reading strategies at home, virtual and mental health during virtual learning, and a parent's guide to university and career counseling during Covid-19. Additionally, there was also a special session with the school’s new middle and high school counselor. The open house sessions gave parents glimpses of many exciting things that were happening at school. A very informative session indeed! We thank everyone for attending the event!