Sukhumvit Fair - Recap

The American School of Bangkok is pleased to announce the phenomenal success of the Sukhumvit Fair that was held on Saturday, February 4th 2017 at Sukhumvit Campus.

The Sukhumvit Fair was indeed an amazing celebration with thousands of people, lots of fun activities and magnificent energy.  Fair goers were amazed at the transformation of the ASB Sukhumvit Campus into a mini carnival with great games and prizes, lots of international food, and event sponsors. Little kids enjoyed themselves in the water balloon alley. They had a great time in the bouncy castle; enjoyed the rock climb; and got a grand view of the fairground from the gigantic ferris wheel rides. Visitors were stunned by the stage that accommodated awesome hip hop songs and performances by talented ASB students, teachers and parents. The mini concert by hip hop maestros Way-Thaitanium and Djay Buddah was truly amazing.  Non-stop entertainment for the entire day!  The event commemorated ASB’s cultural diversity and brought about a strong community spirit.  Parents also commended on the enthusiastic participation of students, teachers and staff at the games booths. The Sukhumvit Fair was a truly amazing experience for everyone.

We are delighted to announce that the Sukhumvit Fair raised 178,487.60 Baht. The American School of Bangkok is also pleased to donate an additional 21,512.40 Baht. The total of 200,000 Baht will be forwarded to AMCHAM to support their Adopt-a-School programs.

The American School of Bangkok expresses heartfelt thanks to all corporate sponsors and ASB community members for the support, participation, and contribution towards the success of the Sukhumvit Fair. Thank you for being part of this event, and making it a memorable experience for everyone in the community.