ASB Eagle Houses Announcement

The American School of Bangkok Sukhumvit Campus is pleased to announce the establishment of the ASB Eagle Houses. With the dawn of ASB Sukhumvit’s new sports facilities being completed soon, we would like to focus not only on competitive international school sports through the Asia International Schools Athletics Association (AISAA) in this academic year, but also through intramural games.

Intramural games give students the opportunity to compete against their friends in competitive and fun school-wide sports competitions. House events will not only be dominated by sports, but also other academic events and competitions too. Intramural points may be awarded for events such as science fairs, international day involvement, art competitions, etc. 

Effective academic year 2020-21, all ASB students and staff will be randomly assigned to one of ASB’s ‘Eagle’ houses, and they will stay in this house for the duration of their time at ASB Sukhumvit Campus. The house system will give students the opportunity to connect with students across classes and grades that they may not normally have a chance to interact with. This will help our students gain more friendships and continue to create a family-like culture at our school. We also believe in family and legacy, and therefore, siblings will be put into the same house. This means any future siblings that may join the school in the future, they know what house they will join when they arrive! Parents will also automatically be included in their child(ren)’s houses. House apparel (t-shirts) will also be available for families to purchase shortly. Students and staff will be required to wear them during the house competitions or game days.

By introducing the house system at ASB and its wider community, we hope to promote self-esteem, self-identity, school spirit, belonging, and pride within all of our students, both young and old. High school students will also have the chance each year to volunteer to be house captain or vice-captain. It will be the role of the seniors to make sure each house is represented correctly, and participate fully throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for high school students to practice strong organizational, delegation and leadership skills. As ‘The School of Leaders’, this is a good chance for students to gain important leadership experiences from these opportunities.

It is the aim that through school sports in AISAA, house competitions, and a diverse offering of extra-curricular activities, the ASB Sukhumvit Campus will be able to offer every student something that they are able to not only learn from, but also have fun, and most importantly, engage with, to help each child flourish at every stage of their school development.

So way to go all ASB Sukhumvit Campus House Eagles! Let’s have an amazing school year!

ASB Eagle Houses