Student Assembly (September 27, 2018) - 'What is Mindfulness?'

Every month, ASB organizes a student assembly to foster school spirit among students, teachers and administrators. The presentations at the student assemblies vary greatly from literacy exercises to pep rallies to mindfulness activities. The first of these assemblies for the academic year 2018 -2019 was on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at Sukhumvit Campus. The theme of this assembly was “What is Mindfulness?”.

The Sukhumvit Campus ASB upper elementary students were paired with the younger students to do simple breathing exercises, view a presentation, and then write and draw about what mindfulness meant to them.

The Sukhumvit Campus ASB middle school students also participated in simple breathing exercises to regain their focus and attention, wrote kind notes for each other, and participated in ‘mindful’ walking exercises across a taped maze to place the kind notes on the poster provided

Everyone had a lot of fun learning about how mindfulness can help them relax and do better in their daily school life.