Reading Month - Early Years Read Aloud

March was National Reading Month at ASB. The purpose of reading month is to promote a love for reading, and to explore new and exciting ways to motivate and encourage students to read. In Early Years we had many exciting things set up for the little ones to develop their passion for literacy. One big event was our Read Aloud. On March 14th, Early Years were split up into 3 groups and read to by leaders at the school - Mr. Ryan, Ms. Teresa and Mr. Zack. 

In the Nursery group, Ms. Teresa took the kids to the library, sat them down, then began to tell them about the five little ducks. With animation, excitement, and actions, she told the tale of five baby ducks that went out one day and never came home. She drew the kids in and they really felt like they were on the farm with Mama Duck. She taught them places, asked them to count, and asked about animals on the farm. It was both entertaining and educational, and the kids walked away as a happy flock.

Mr. Ryan read for the K1 group. He read, “A Pocket Full of Kisses” by Audrey Penn. He got the students to think about the moral of the story and realize that love can endure over time and distance.

In K2, Mr. Zack was the reader. He took the students to the dorm living room and read them a story called, “Jasper’s Beanstalk” by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. He also had a video that he used as a fun addition to the read aloud. The K2 class loved their time with him because he got into character and he made the story come alive.

Overall, Early Years had a fun and memorable reading time. They listened to stories with charisma and enthusiasm, and they saw the school’s leaders in a different light.